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In 1973, the Izhevsk Automobile Factory produces a new model based on Moskvich 412 units – Izh 2125 Combi. This is the first Soviet-made car with a liftback body, where the rear door has a small peculiar protrusion. The origin of the word “Combi” originates from the German terminology, based on which it is a car with an additional rear door in the back. The implementation of Izh 2125 contributed to the wide interest of the domestic auto industry in the popularization in Western Europe of cars with practical and spacious “hatchback” and “liftback” bodies. As a result, the designers took the Moskvich 412 sedan as a basis for the Izh “Combi”. The suspension was strengthened, the body was carefully thought out.

ZMA IZH 2125 Kombi 1980 orange liftback

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