Up for sale from a private collection Yugo 1987 . All the way around original vehicle in a perfect condition for its age . Extremely nice and smooth to drive . All spare parts are originals. Yugo equipped with 1.1 natural aspired engineand 4 speed manual transmission , 3 doors hatchback .
Originally designed in Italy as a shortened variant of the Fiat 128, the first Yugo prototype was manufactured on 2 July 1977. Series production started on 28 November 1980. The Zastava Koral, a facelifted model, was marketed until 11 November 2008, after production of 794,428 cars.
The Yugo was marketed in the United States from 1985 to 1992 by Malcolm Bricklin who asked Jerry Puchkoff to conceive of and produce what became the enormously successful market introduction and launch of the YUGO in 1985 with a total of 141,651 sold – peaking at 48,812 in 1987 and falling to 1,412 in 1992. In the United States, few Yugos are left in service, likely because of international sanctions imposed on Yugoslavia in the early 1990s, which limited the supply of spare parts and service locations. The United Kingdom has 2 Yugos left that are still on the road as of 2021.Large amount of the vehicles has been imported back to Serbia , most likely because most of them were in good shape for their age.
The car has achieved a symbolic status in former Yugoslavian countries due to the simplicity, reliability, and overall cheap price, and the Yugoslavian mentality of people regularly fixing their own cars instead of servicing them at their local garage. It was featured in many Yugoslavian films and TV series, and also in modern-day shows in former Yugoslavian countries. They are still very popular and are a common sight in former Yugoslavian countries (except Slovenia), and the large number of parts make it easily repairable. You can find more soviet era and eastern block vehicles at sovietauto.com , we have them all .

Yugo 1987