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In a private collection of cars The NIVA vehicle is on sale in excellent technical condition, produced in 1992. All spare parts are original. Created for racing.
New transmission
5 speed manual
Over Powered engine 1.9 liters
Ellectronic ignition.
Professional roll cage. by Bill of Sale only.


Lada Soviet and Russian off-road vehicle – a small-class SUV with a monocoque body and permanent all-wheel drive. Serially produced since April 5, 1977 (until 2006 it was sold under the name VAZ-2121 “Niva” in the domestic market, and as Lada Niva in export markets, from 2006 to 2021 under the name LADA 4×4, from 2021 – Lada Niva Legend)British researcher of the Soviet automotive industry Andy Thompson considers the Niva to be the direct ancestor of the compact crossover class, which the creators of the Suzuki Vitara were guided by. Some experts call it the best car in the history of the Volga Automobile Plant, it is the most successful export model of the VAZ in its history. Niva also made a succesful debute in Dakar in 1979 and participated in it until 1981. On January 14, the NIVA Red Legend Team, a private team from Switzerland with the support of the LADA brand has successfully finished in the Classic category of the famous Dakar-2022 rally marathon in Saudi Arabia.

Lada 2121 NIVA SPORT

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